If you're looking for Quiz Questions, you've come to the right place.

I have 500 general knowledge question's in a format which is ideal for Quiz Masters to use in any way you might choose.

They were compiled over a number of years for a weekly pub quiz which, incidently, became a resounding success.

The questions are of a relatively easy standard as we found that people lose interest very quickly if they cannot answer at least 60% of the questions.

It is also a good idea to keep the whole thing light hearted or else "Exam Syndrome" sets in. ( Boring ) And so, some of the questions are intended to be witty rather than test the competitor's I.Q.

Below is a sample of 20 questions to give you some idea of what the questions are like. These were chosen at random and there is no particular bias towards any one subject. (Sport for example)

Sample Questions

2. Name the king who failed to keep an eye on things at the battle of Hastings ?

Answer:= Harold.

3. In which sport would you use a chucker ?

Answer:= Polo.

10. If a snail climbed up a 12 ft wall at a steady rate of 3 feet a day, but slipped down 2ft every night, how many days would it take him to reach the top ?

Answer:= 10 days.

26. Traditionally, what type of wood do Rolls Royce use on the dashboards of their cars?

Answer:= Walnut.

41. What is the national emblem of Canada ?

Answer:= Maple leaf.

46. Are Gorillas carnivores, omnivores, or herbivores ?

Answer:= Herbivores.

51. Free Willey was a film about what ?

Answer:= A whale.

54. Can pigs swim ? yes or no.

Answer:= yes.

57. What World War II operation was code named `Dynamo` ?

Answer:= Evacuation of Dunkirk.

58. What would a tailor do with his hot plonker ?

Answer:= Iron cloth.

61. How many old pennies were there in a Groat?

Answer:= Four.

66. What would a farmer do with his mangelwurzel ?

Answer:= Feed it to his animals.

83. In the song `The 12 days of Christmas`, what are the 6 geese a-doing ?

Answer:= Laying.

93. In cricket, where would you find the chain ?

Answer:= Between the wickets.

114. On his egg deliveries, farmer Fred sets off with 400 eggs. At the first delivery he drops off 5 doz` at the second, 12 doz` and at the last one he delivers 15 doz`. How many eggs does he take home to his brooding wife ?

Answer:= Sixteen

117. According to the song, from which track does the Chattanooga choo choo leave Pennsylvania station ?

Answer:= Track 29.

120. Name the fruit which earned its name from the way it hung in bunches like grapes ?

Answer:= Grapefruit.

158. Who do Vince and Musky accompany in their cartoon capers ?

Answer:= Deputy Dog.

160. What girls name is also the term used to describe a female donkey ?

Answer:= Jenny.

356. If you happened to be plaining and pearling what would you be doing ?

Answer:= Knitting.

End of Sample Questions

Remember, these questions were written for a British audience and so, may prove a bit tricky for an overseas audience. However,,,

,,,a quick and simple way to make questions easier is to make them multiple choice. i.e.....

In which sport would you use a chucker,,,, darts, ice hockey or polo ?

Finally, all these questions have been used on a real audience and as far as I am aware, all the answers are correct. I have also removed any questions which are dependant on time ( i.e. Who is the current prime minister ? ).

I accept no responsibility and will not be held accountable for any mistakes or incorrect answers.

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Good luck.